Sunday, October 31, 2010

Go run and tell that!

we are the ghosts of bad christmas pictures
Provo Halloween Half Marathon.
5:30 am wake up
6:55 drive to the buses
8:15 catch a bus
9:10 arrive at Aspen Grove
9:15 RACE
Finish in 1:56.

Rachael, Jeff and I ran all 13.1 miles. Jeff finished (obviously) way before Rach and I; he's a stud. We had so much fun, chatting all the way down, pushing each other along, watching the racers go by in various costumes, and making sure we staying in front of the 2 hour pacer. He was fun to listen to--he kept shouting out funny comments--but having him so close behind us during miles 5-7 was kind of nerve wracking. So we ran away from him. The race itself went by really fast, before I knew it we were at mile 10. Rach kept me going--Love you girl!

Today I am sore. Very.

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