Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Go Update

Leaves like fire. Make my heart melt.
Lifes been busy so here's the low down.

1. I started and finished (the season's over) refereeing for Provo Parks and Recreation youth soccer. Lets just say that being called "Coach" by 3 year old blonde boys is my new favorite thing.
2. I got a new do--bangs.
3. Econ is kicking my trash. Seriously.
4. School is extremely unpleasant and I find myself walking up and down the halls in my apartment just cause I don't feel like doing homework. (it's a small hallway).
5.It is fall outside--kinda freezing in the morning as I ride my bike to school but the colors are amazing.

6. I believe the family is moving back to London. Eventually.
7. Applied for an internship with the National Geographic. If you haven't ever looked at it, check out their site. It's my homepage.
8. Jared is so fine. Not to mention how great he is. He treats me so well. And he calls me babe. Win.
Hiking Stuart Falls trail. And poshing it at G.C.

9. I am running a half marathon next weekend.....hahaha. That will be fun.
This is Rachael. She is my running buddy. She is also sleeping on a piano bench. Can I love her more? No.

10. I am SCUBA certified. It feels so good. I love hanging upside down underwater. No blood rush.
11. Did I mention how much I'm sick of school?                                                                                       
12. I'm an FHE mom. It's sweet. If you don't know what that is check out this site.
13. Mom came out for General Conference at the beginning of this month. She, me Haley and Jared went for hikes, to the sessions on Sunday and had an all around blast. Can't wait for Dad's turn!
Check out the water bottle carriage: J-dog hooked his to a belt loop. Mom's is tied on with her belt as a strap. Haley's is in her pants....hahha typical.


Running into the entire Ward Family after so long. What a wonderful reunion!

14. I now cannot graduate in April because I would have to take 19 credits. Possible yes. Do-able heck no. So instead I'll take more french.
15. Got a new car. His name is Papi Smurf. He's a stick.
16. Karaoke'd for the first time. Courtney was there!
Besties forever.

17. A couple Cambridge reunions. Life is so great now that I've found them.
Who can't love the men who sing Backstreet Boys. Note the random Indian guy in the back. No idea who he is...poser. You wish you were as cool.

18. Our intramural soccer team is doing so well. You should probs come watch us play. We have the sickest name ever. Team 23. Oh yeah, we scary.

19. Here's a great quote I found while reading for my Organizational Behavior class.

"We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
            There are four secrets to saying young, being happy and acheiving success:
                           1. You have to laugh and find humor every day.
                           2. You've got to have a dream.
                           3. You must grow up by finding the opportunity to change.
                           4. You must have no regrets. 

A few words of wisdom for all you readers out there at close. So GO 24/7 and don't ever quit.

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  1. Keep the great notes a coming... and the pictures too-- you are a BUSY girl...Happy October.