Sunday, October 31, 2010

Go trick and treat

So this week has been a pretty hectic one. I have gone to bed after midnight every day and woken up before 6 am three times...

Sound the Feasting Horn

 Wednesday Jared and I had our dinner and a movie date. The plan: beef ragu sauce on gnocchi, french bread and salad. Let me tell you it was the stinking best Italian food I have ever had in America. It was a feast. Thanks to Jared's mom for the white wine--it made all the difference. The movie: 12 Angry Men. Not your typical date movie to be sure, but I had to watch it for an assignment. And actually quite a good film as well. Also treat: below.

  friday night we participated in the Amazing Race! Okay, not officially, but close enough. After driving to American Fork for dinner (45 min to Lindon because of traffic) and an Amazing pumpkin cupcake from Dippididee, we made our way to Liberty Park in Salt Lake. From there, we raced 8 other couples around the city, to grave yards, the masonic temple and several parks. At the cemetary, we had to find the gravestone of a woman named Lilly Grey, who had fallen victim to the _________-  ___________. The answer: beast 666. Creepy!!

The race truly was Amazing, and haunted. Jared and I totally won. Except again, not officially, since apparently one other couple had done one "clue" that we hadn't had to do. We finished everything first including one very tricky word scramble. We figured out all but the last one, spootin took us forever. Turns out it was potions.  We turned it in and were told, "That's it you won!" WE CELEBRATED! Then our victory was stolen from us. Lame. But we are winners at heart.

This activity made me want to come up with one of these on my own for next year. An all round fantastic night.

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