Thursday, October 21, 2010

Go Blog

Dad today asked, "Alex has a blog? When did she start that?"
Apparently I need to be better about this whole writing business.
So Goal:
Write at least a sentence on here each day. This might keep me sane. Plus it can be my random thoughts journal. And update my family.

Currently I am doing a research paper about English National Parks. It's fascinating stuff. Did you know they have classified some government protected land as "Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty." I love this.

I wouldn't have considered this to be an AoNB until I took this photo. Utah Valley. Who would have thought?.
Also, I have 3 pounds of bananas sitting on my countertop right now (12 bananas) If you have recipes you love that have bananas in them then please comment. I'll be doing an experiment with them all.

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