Friday, February 18, 2011

Go and Beg for Mercy

The last three days have been hellish. I and my Population geography group was assigned a 10 pg report based on a fertility rate/ demography project of our choosing. We decided that income, race and county type (metro or nonmetro) would be interesting. Little did we know that we would have a bear of a time analyzing this all. We were analyzing 3065 US counties. We had to make 24 categories (instead of  the original 52 our data would make) based on various combinations of above variables. We made no progress on our report for 2 days--hours in the lab and we had barely even run an ANOVA let alone make a map or a graph of our data. Why?
The teachers couldn't help us. Asked my professor about questions for SPSS--didnt know a thing.
Asked an old teacher about ArcMap--she didn't know why it wasnt working.
We finally got a student to help us make a map of our data. Thank goodness for her! Im making her cookies.

5 hours later that night our maps had disappeared. When we opened them off my flash drive, the image would not show up, although the legend would. So we had no idea where the map/data was. We were going to just redo them all. (Did I mention we had redone all our data analysis more than 3 times?) Then some kind person in the lab came over and told us that apparently ArcMap is the gayest program ever and it does not save data to a map unless you export it separately. Also, if you try to open two maps using the same data at the same time the image will not appear. So much for trial and error. Last night until 11:20 we worked on our project and analysis/report. This morning by 9:00 am we were done. I hate feeling ignorant and uneducated about things that even teachers don't know how to solve.

And I hate computers with a passion.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Going Away

Yesterday was pretty much the perfect day.

I woke up early and went to the Provo Temple.
Went to class.
Wrote an essay for my Middle East class--a five page research paper about the Nile Basszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sorry can't even finish that. So boring.
The paper took me 5 hours. I had lunch at 4:30 pm as I wiped out on the couch with Cake Boss shouting at me. But hey! Relax. I then, because it was my reward, walked to Borders. I only made it 2 miles before it started getting dark. So I turned around and ran home. Then I drove back, sat on the ground in a corner with 5 magazines and proceeded to browse, looking for suitable airplane material.
Dinner was a can of Homestyle (no MSG or HFCS) Campbell's chicken noodle soup. (I added some broccoli). Pretty gourmet wouldn't you say?
Then I curled up in my room, with my knitting and a laptop movie (the Jazz and BYU game were on and I'm all Jimmered out) and sat.
How much better can you get?

Oh, how about going for some hot chocolate with the boyfriend?
And turning in my paper today, even though it's due Monday?
And relaxing the rest of today since I'm leaving for the weekend TOMORROW!!!
And arriving in Virginia to stay with my grandparents for three days. Plus Haley!
And going to Panera, and Potbelly and a movie and Dunkin and Noodles and shopping and seeing Aunt Em.

AKA getting out of nasty nast Provo to spend time eating at my favorite restaurants with a sister and staying with three 90+ yr olds who are completely deaf and stubborn.


Go AWAY!!!

This post has been in the works for awhile...
There is really only one item I'd like to get off my chest:

Dear Girls who sleep/study in the 2nd floor HBLL bathroom.
Go Away. I'd like to pee in private.

You see, there is this bathroom in the library. It's always freezing in there, but there are about 4 couches (yes guys its true! Girls do have couches!! Ha.) Anyways, these couches are 100% of the time occupied by at least one girl sleeping, eating lunch or reading some homework assignment. Why I ask you? There is a perfectly good (and warmer) library right on the other side of the door. And it doesn't flush every five minutes. Granted I understand, maybe, for the sleeping girls. But those who study in the bathroom have some serious ISSUES!!