Sunday, October 24, 2010

Go make something delicious

I  watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this weekend. The old one: the good one, with real Oompa Loompa songs and everything. That film is filled with great one liners, mostly coming from the candy man himself: "so shines a good deed in a dreary world." and my personal favorite: "Don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted...he lived happily ever after."

Jared and I made the first batch of banana treats this weekend. Another new kind of banana bread: this one with a streusel topping. It turned out fabulously delicious, but I think it would be better as muffins.

I indulged this weekend and bought salmon to make for Sunday dinner. For the first time since I moved in all my roommates were home and we had a delicious meal. Brown rice--thanks to Mel's rice cooker, sugar snap peas in a ginger-miso sauce with mustard soy glazed salmon. Our apartment was filled with the delicate aromas of Asia. Everything tasted delicious and we had such fun talking and laughing and filling our bellies. This rainy Sunday has been excellent so far and it is only 4:30--the day goes on.

This is serving two on my roommate's plate; I forgot about a photo until I had finished eating. This seems to be a habit in my family so I expect they will forgive the sloppiness of this picture. Besides, it tasted delicious.

Sherlock Holmes is hitting BBC America tonight. If you havent seen it yet. CHECK IT OUT. It's a modern day version with all the great character development and intricacies of the classic show.


  1. Surely you took pictures of this delicious dinner. Sounds delicious, nutritious and beautiful.

  2. haha so much for daily posts alex. fyi, i reallllly like reading your blog, so having it's joy daily would be all the better