Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Go to school before the sun comes up

Yesterday I woke to a glorious 5:30 wake-up call, turned on my light to finish some homework, and discovered the power had gone out. Dismayed and irritated, I proceeded to flip the switches all around the apartment. No luck. I lit a candle. Yes, I did homework by candlelight...

Then what to my wondering eyes would appear, but the power went back on! I took a shower. The day went by slowly and painfully. FHE was a nice and much needed respite, as was Melanie's and my P90X workout at 9:30 pm. Did I mention that my internet isnt working?

This morning I woke at 5:50. The internet still isnt working. So here I am at school. Before 7 am. I rode my bike through the dark streets of Provo. You know how dark it is just about everywhere in the world at 1 am? Well, this morning it was darker than that since most of the sky was overcast. I could see a few stars peeking through. But the cold air mostly kept me peddling as fast as I could, hoping to make it to the Tanner Building without more delay.

I will be spending my entirety of the day here at school. Lovely.

Why? you may wonder what I am doing here so stinkin early for. Well, my wonderful European Geography professor sent out an email last night at 7 to remind us about an assignment he mentioned in the last 5 minutes of our last class period. "Find a rural village in Europe (using GoogleEarth) that qualifies as one of the 7 types and bring an image of it to class. Oh, and we will probably have a quiz on types tomorrow in class." expletive.

This is my life right now.
On a brighter note, my roommate got a electronic piano yesterday for Christmas. She came stumbling into the apartment dragging a box bigger than she is and said, "Christmas came early this year." I discovered 2 things. 1. I like playing piano. 2. I can still sight read after 5 years. There is hope for me yet mother.

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  1. There has always been hope for you.. you just had to be ready.