Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Go get your own kickstand

I probably shouldn't do this, but I'm going to because its late and I'm tired. Also, because it has actually turned out to be a really good day I believe its okay for me to do so because I'm in a good mood. Therefore no bitter tones.

What peeves me:
  • dirty dishes left in the sink
  • when you lock up your bike in a bike-rack and someone chains theirs up next to yours. Then, because they don't have a kickstand, they lean their bike on yours, ensnaring it in a handlebar,  brake-line and pedal mess that takes five minutes and grease on you clothes to untangle. 
  • turning on the heat in October because it is snowing. Heavily. And you are running a race in 4 days in the mountains. 
  • BYU class registration. Why is it such a pain? And why can't everyone just wait until morning so that I can go to bed?
  • waking up early to finish homework and then your teacher falls behind in class and therefore you don't actually need the homework to be done at all. Spent costs. 
  • The nasty stain? It's from the pumpkin, which I carried to the trash on a cookie sheet. I had to scrape it off the floor. Yummy.
  • people leave stuff that rots at your house and don't ever clean it up, leaving you to clean up their mess

The gray stuff is furry, not blurry. It's mold.
What I love:
  • when my professor giggles to himself in class and none of us know why.
  • when that same professor tells me and my group that we did a fabulous job on our presentation, that we did the best of anyone who has yet presented, that he wants to see the exact same combination of theory applied to case studies on the final exam
  • nail polish
  • herbal tea--I have been drinking at least two cups a day. It keeps me hydrated, warm, and as Mel mentioned tonight, its my stress reliever. I love to grip the warm mug in between my hands
  • when my roommate made muffins and gave me one. Or my other roommate brought me a carmel apple, or my other roommate came into my room and gave me a back massage. Basically I love all three of them.
  • when I run into old friends and realize that they have matured in ways I never expected, but at the same time in ways that make us better friends. 
  • when my Econ professor sends out an email that says that we no longer have to turn in/do more than 60 percent of our assigned homework since we have a test on Monday. 
  • When my dad sends me emails
  • when my sister comments on my blog
  • banana bread--all kinds and at any time of day
  • hot showers and smooth legs
  • spandex and boots and big comfy sweaters
  • getting assigned a movie to watch for homework
  • when I try to think of a really great Halloween costume and end up wearing something totally random. Except this year I'm really going to plan it out--SUGGESTIONS please.
See: more positive than negative. It has been a good day.
Go 24/7 (Although I'm not going to today because I need to catch up on sleep).


  1. You forgot to add, when my Mom skypes me. :)

  2. i'm commenting on your blog!!!!!

    also. spandex and boots and big comfy sweaters. a duh. that is the best thing ever!

    alsooooooooo i think i'm gonna do this on my blog too. consider me a clepto