Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Go Home!!

So this morning I woke up more excited than I have been on Christmas day in a long time. Something about finding out the truth about Santa tends to suck the excitement out of the morning for me. But today. Wow. I was stoked. Because Today I was finally going to go home.

I realize that it hasnt been all that long really since I've been home, but my stays are always so short that I feel like they hardly get to count. So today was finally here. Haley and I woke up early: 7 am, in order to pack and get ourselves ready for the long a gruesome travel day. Jared picked us up and we made our way slowly up University Parkway to get to the airport. There was a blanket of thick snow on the ground: about a foot since it had been snowing since yesterday morning and was continuing to come down.
About 3 miles up State St we got a call from mom. Your flight's been cancelled....

long pause...

hot chocolate at Barnes and Noble and a skype call with the family....

And so Haley and I are stuck in Provo until the 25 of December. Christmas day. When we leave at noon to arrive in Holland the 26. I leave the 31. Merry Christmas.

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  1. i'm sorry honey :( i don't leave til thursday. let's hang out