Monday, December 13, 2010

Go have a birthday shout hooray!

So December 9 was my 22 Birthday.
I feel old.

I spent the most wonderful day working out, making mac n cheese and birthday cake. In the evening many of my friends came over for a wonderful and crowded celebration. Comments were as follows: "You're 22!? That's old." "You made your own birthday cake!? Who does that?" "Where did you get this cake? You made it? No you didnt." yes I did. And it was superb. Italian Creme Cake. Thanks BHG.
I came home earlier that day to a pile of roses and an awesome travel book from Jared. It distracted me yesterday while I was studying for finals, but luckily the exam I was studying for is all about Europe. So the distraction was educational.

The following day, Dec 10 I got spoiled like none other.
I did however spend almost the whole day on campus, at reviews for finals and bashing my brains in over Economics, which is the second hardest class I have ever taken.
But that evening made up for it. Jared took me to La Jolla, where we devoured bruscetta, a basket of bread, cheese tortellini in tomato sauce and pesto fusilli with chicken. Chased down by a molten chocolate cake. It was divine. He then proceeded to take me on a Christmas Cruise up Provo River. Santa appeared out of the mist, shouting for his reindeer. Then he gave us candy.
To top the evening all off, we played a smashing round of miniature golf with Jason and Katje, two of our dear friends from Cambridge. Jason soundly whooped us all, but I did get two holes in one. All in all a fantastic birthday celebration.

I was sad that the family wasnt able to celebrate with me, but I felt love emanating from across the pond nonetheless from a long phone call, several letters, and several surprise packages of birthday gifts. P.S. the flowers are still alive and beautiful.
Making the Birthday wish.

Okay the Party's here!

Even Carson made it down! I love Jeff and Mel in the background! (And I don't know the kid on the left...)

My fantastic roommates: Kristen and Melanie. They were matching.

Look who all celebrated with me!
My cake and my flowers
"Spoiled me, made me Rotten. Didn't even let me be forgotten..."

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