Friday, November 19, 2010

Go Speak a foreign language

Right now I should be focusing on my homework. There's a lot of it to be done. But here's the stick, the library is chock full of foreigners who insist on talking.*

Why is it so often that when people speak a different language than the majority that they believe they can't be heard? Just because I don't understand you doesn't mean I can't hear you.
Today I think it's Spanish.
Yesterday was Korean. For 2.5 hours! My table in the library was taken over by a whole group of people speaking Korean, most of them girls. It is a nice language to listen to, and they were mostly quiet. But still. We are in the LIBRARY people. Where people need to go for a quiet place to study. As it was, my efforts to cram for my Org Behavior class were mostly in vain. Especially after they started having a picnic of giant wafer rice crackers that smelled like wasabi. Korean Crunch.

*Footnote: it's not only the foreigners that talk. Americans are just as chatting and usually louder.

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