Sunday, December 19, 2010

Go have a reunion and take some pictures

This last week has been a Naperville throwback. I love it.

Wednesday this week I finally finished my finals. After a 7 am oral presentation that was mostly "winged" due to the 14 hours of Econ studying I did the day before, I drove up to Logan to visit Haley.
Wingers with Britt

Dear Mother. Do you recognize this sweater?...D.I. We Love YOU!

Her friends and I had a great time making picture frames and watching a show called Felicity. Basically anything J.J. Abrams does is fantastic, I've gotten hooked to almost all his shows: Alias, Lost, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, plus several more. This show is another great one. 

Chick-Fil-A with Court
Thursday saw a late morning wake-up--9:45!! Okay, so I actually woke up at 8 am despite a 2 am bedtime, but I did go back to sleep. I seriously think there is something wrong with me. (Yesterday I wanted to sleep in, another late night, but I woke up an hour before my alarm went off. At 7:30. Naturally. I got a problem.

But that is beside the point, Thursday I got to see COURTNEY!! I love that little booger. (I know she's going to read this, hence the great nickname :) We three met up for lunch before H and I drove back to Provo.

On Friday morning, Haley, me, Kristen and Jordan (her sister) and my friend Michele drove up to Great Aunt Bertha's in the mountains and took model shots. One of our favorite family activities for years, we of course had a fantastic time. Michele was a great photographer and between her, my and J's camera we got tons of great shots.

Home-made with the Girls
After warming up during a run, I made fab-o home-made mac'n'cheese. Jacey and Tiare came over to share. It was awesome. I love those girls, I'll miss Jacey next semester while she's on her mission in Chile. But I'm excited for her. Tiare and I decided that we will drive up to Logan more often to visit Court. Get ready girl--its gonna be awesome. (Also, lets please get some closure on HP. Both the new one and ours).

Seesters. We miss you Mae. Wishing you were here to hang.
All this was followed up with a wedding reception for a great friend of mine--and more photos with Kristen--and an early, WET, Sunday morning concert in Salt Lake. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed with David Archuleta. It was beautiful. Keep on the look-out for next years album, which will have the recording of David's Silent Night. It was easily my favorite song performed the whole day.


  1. hahaha funniest thing ever with the sweaters :) you should have bought them, and then we could have had a matching sisters photo shoot for the christmas card next year

  2. What fun shots of all you cute girls from Naperville. Maybe your Christmas has already started.. with friends...thanks for posting.

  3. Silent Night was my favorite too!