Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy Day Reflections

This morning I had the wonderful chance to meet up with many of the girls on my floor from freshman year and catch up on everyone's lives over breakfast. It was so good to see everyone again and here little snippets of activties and events that have happened. On the other hand though, I notice that the things we talked about were unimportant things, interesting yes, but superficial. What our majors are, if we are dating etc. This makes me reflect about how we connect with people on different levels. One of my professors highlighted this for us in a class one day where we were asked to do an activity in small groups where first we asked each other the typical questions. Then we were asked to share our goals. Then we had to describe a characteristic about each person in the group that we had noticed from what they said. Each of these rounds required us to further penetrate the level of familiarity we had with one another. Most of our daily associations fit within the first category. There is nothing wrong with this, it is a way we find out what we have in common with others and can lead to eventual deeper bonds. But I think it would be excellent if we could all find at least some one who we could get to those other levels with. To be able to find a friend and really connect with them. The point is to pay attention to people besides just what they are saying on the surface; to really listen.

Bakers Bit: On a less thoughtful note, I failed at making muffins today. The recipe I used didnt have any sugar in it so the batter was like a biscuit dough that I plopped in the pans. I didnt realize the problem until too late, thinking the issue from the first batch I made was because the milk solidified the butter. The second attempt really wasnt much better. The outcome: blueberry biscuits. I thought they were horrible, knowing what the real thing is supposed to taste like, but the girls seemed to like them. I did make some excellent oatmeal raisin cookies last night however and will enjoy munching on those throughout the week. They are chewy and crispy, just how I like them, and they have just a hint of spice in them. Yum.

Do you know how much I hate legislation/government requirements. I'm talking about nit-picky documentation that makes it impossible to get anything accomplished. I suffered an experience with this on Thursday as I attempted to get a new driver's license. Of course, you need lots of papers to prove who you are and that you belong in the country. So I took copies of said important documentation only to be told that they no longer accept copies, they must have originals. Problem. All my documents are in the Netherlands. Suck. So now I have an expired drivers license and have to wait several weeks until I can get some copies. There is the slight possibility however that they will accept an old pay stub of mine and a passport. Fingers crossed. Either way, Monday is the first day I can go in to try again because naturally, they are closed on the weekends.

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