Thursday, April 1, 2010

I can go the distance!

Can we say busy?
I regret that I have been so overwhelmed that I have failed to stay current, though I doubt many people read this anyway.
I have a job as a youth soccer referee with Provo City Parks. It is excellent, I get to help teach kids the rules of soccer. The running keeps me fit, and the brisk air keeps my head clear. Sometimes it snows or rains. I don't really like that part.
I managed to get through last week by the skin of my teeth, only one major breakdown, prayer, and a loaf of banana bread I made on Sunday. 
Turns out that because I made this bread, I forgot about half my assignments and so was extremely unprepared for classes on Monday--this just made my week better...I lost three pounds from stress and not having the time to eat. Joy.

However, I did survive and celebrated the coming of spring at the annual Holi Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork. An activity not to be missed, I, for the second time in life, joined the throngs of people eager to throw colorful chalk at each other in a spirit of happiness and celebration. I succeeded in getting dyed from head to foot, and probably ate a good portion of the chalk as well since it was literally everywhere! You can watch a video of it here. Later that night I enjoyed a nice soak in the Midway hotpots. A must after a long and grueling week.

My sister has kept me happy this week by sending me jokes. Other people have commented on them or left some of their own.

Some of my favorites: What's red and looks like a bucket?...a red bucket. What's blue and looks like a bucket?... a red bucket in disguise. Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?...because it was dead. Why the other monkey fall out of the tree?...because it was tied to the first monkey. If some one you know laughs at these jokes you know one of two things. A. They were desperate for a laugh and now consider you a great friend for providing that much needed respite. B. They think you're an idiot and are actually laughing at you. I prefer the first one...

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