Friday, April 9, 2010

We're going Diving

Diving, according to is the act of plunging into the water, especially head first or to penetrate deeply or plunge into a subject, activity etc.

 My friends and I have added a new definition: The act of visiting small local restaurants like drive ins and purchasing food in order to find the best dive in Provo over the course of Spring/Summer 2010

  1. One cannot drive to these places. You may bike, run, roller blade or walk. 
  2. A dive must be family owned, and not a chain. If it has a coca-cola sign on the side of it, so much the better.
  3. Each dive will be rated for quality of food (including taste, greasiness, sides etc), cost, atmosphere, and customer service. Dives can be any type of food. Sharing is a plus. You must go with friends.
  4. Visits must be documented on film and rated afterward. 
Okay, enough with the officiality...I am totally excited for this. We still need a clever name. Something like the Great Utah Valley Adventure Dive or something. Im open for suggestions. Personally I'm going to use this as part of a short story during my Cambridge class. It will be excellent, and I will also update this after each one. We will try to post our ratings as well.

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