Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So it's been forever and ever.

Cambridge is only 4 weeks away. I am being ecraser'd by French tous les jours! But I can read french recipes online. Props to me.
It snowed 3 inches 2 days ago. yes. please note the date of this a hint, Memorial day is this weekend.

Today I shouted at myself, "FOLLOW THE PROMPTINGS OF THE SPIRIT!" after getting to class and realizing that I had left something very important at home and realizing also that if I had gotten my chapstick out on my way to class, like I really wanted to, I would have noticed I didnt have it and would have gone back for it. As it was, everything worked out okay, but halfway between the spot where I wanted chapstick and my class I was nearly knocked over by the Spirit telling me to stop. I kept walking. I suck. But I think I'm learning from it.

Also, my prayers are being answered, and I get to see it happening. Thank you Father. I mean it.

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  1. Hurray child. At least you are learning early in life. Just keep after it... always...enduring to the end..
    Loves, MUM