Monday, March 8, 2010

Day the First

I began this blog tonight as a way to rationalize spending my time NOT studying. Granted I was rather productive today and I have all day tomorrow to again be productive so no worries.

I originally began blogging because I was 'diagnosed' with Celiac's Disease about a month ago. I had been perusing the internet for various recipes and happened upon several blogs that gave me hope for the future. After three weeks of an extremely modified diet, I spoke with a dietition who said that I should probably get an upper endoscopy done to confirm that diagnosis. Three weeks later, after reverting to my old criminal habits of bread and then some, (anything with gluten in it was BLISS after almost a month of rice cakes) I submitted myself to surgery and now, five days later I get the result. Negative. I have never been more positive about that word. Pun, yes, intended.

So glorious day and halleluja I am liberated to eat whatever my little heart so desires. (just in case of a postive result, in the last three weeks I have made red velvet cake, cornbread, cinnamon rolls, baguettes, dinner rolls, pancakes, chocolate cake, three batches of cookies, pear crumble and eaten my fair share of sandwiches on whole wheat bread). A little over the top I admit, but hey, I had to stock up. And, "I'm not even sorry."

Now, however begins my heckling of the doctors who cost me over $300 in medical tests and food products for a false diagnosis. Needless to say I'm disgruntled. I won't treat them too badly I promise.

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  1. OH YES! huge relief Im so happy
    Im sorry you had to go through all of that :/