Monday, January 24, 2011

Go all the way to the Finish. Then realize, it's not over. It's just starting.

Two weeks ago I applied for Graduation.
Today I put my apartment up for sale/gave my landlord 120 days notification of termination of my contract.

Yesterday I gave a talk in Church.  I realized that I've been secluding myself away, being unsociable. This is unlike me. (some may disagree). But since I'm the 2nd Counselor in the RSP I've got to make sure I know people.

Yesterday at ward stare, (which I used to never go to because I would always watch Alias with Jared and Kristen) I met an extremely good looking guy from Sri Lanka. His name is Jet! I want to set him up with Haley. He's tall, muscular, has skin the color of coffee, and a silky, sophisticated accent. He went to a British school in Sri Lanka/Singapore growing up and the combination of the classic English accent with his slightly more melodic native one is enchanting. He has a friend (short, white, pimply, big fat red lips and watery blue eyes) with a sweet jacket. They both "think" Dad is in the CIA and were impressed that I knew where Singapore is. I think when I said "Myanmar" they were both shocked that I knew such a country existed. Bless my major for letting me impress people.

Highlight of the day: Email from Dr. Kerry.

Although school is almost over (I can hardly believe it) there is no cause by any means for the end of my education, nor to my enjoying my time here now. I need to engage more.

Several exciting things are in the works for the future. But more on that if they happen. You'll just have to keep checking back.

Low of the day: my facebook page got hacked. Some loser was trying to advertise the iPad. I only caught on once "he/she" had gotten through all my friends whose names start with B. A friend of said letter texted me the alert. So I had to change my password. Can you say DUMB!? If there is one thing I hate in this world it's the scum who rip people off for their own benefit. Oh. P.S. I also hate the iPad. Whatever happened to good ol' books?

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  1. I hate iPads.
    iphones for giants is what they are.
    stupid stupid ones.

    and btw I never commented on your post that said "I know Courtney is going to read this" just to spite you.
    but I really did read it. I just didnt want to admit it.

    ps I havent been to a single Ward Stare this year. *slackaaa*