Thursday, May 5, 2011

Go get on the wrong side of a mailbox

Today is Thursday.
I graduated two weeks ago. And I'm still in schooooool. S'cool. Or mostly not. Financial management is not really the most fun class in the world. But hey, almost done!

So my life of late is filled with WEDDING STUFF I won't bore you with all the details, I'll just invite you to it. If you stay on my good side that is. This week I have committed more time to planning this than to my job. Which is backwards: I'm spending more money than I am earning, financial failure. Budgeting. My new hobby.

Also new: I made Creme Brulee! No pictures unfortunately but trust me it was delicious--Kim gave me a torch. It's kind of like a flame thrower. But better because it's miniature.

All this driving has been taxing, gas is up at 3.65/gal and driving to Layton to taste wedding cake seems absurd. But not if you had tasted the cake! YUM! Totally worth it. Except that yesterday I backed into a mailbox while I was looking for an invitations place and dented my Smurf. So sad.

Bright side:  I ran the Bonneville shoreline trail this afternoon from Rock Canyon to the base of the Y. Something about trail running is so much better than on the street. That why I miss England so bad--all those little paths to discover. I'll go back. It's happening.

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